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 Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,

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MessageSujet: Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,   Mar 16 Sep - 20:08

Konishiwa honourable Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,

It is a pleasure to receive such news from you!
I would be very honoured to have you join the group of my merchants on their way back to the capital City of Oda!
At the moment no more sake will be needed as you understand that we already have a lot now all due to your wonderful production, thank you very much.
My group needs a few extra weight capacity and if you can provide those extras that would be fantastic indeed!
The departure is set before night (before change of day 15.00 hour French time) and should take 2 days.
Tell me if you have time to join Verodeia's group in time please; if not we shall wait for you to be ready for the day after.
Warm regards,
Machi Bugyo Zakekawa
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MessageSujet: Re: Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,   Lun 29 Sep - 7:08

Konishiwa honourable Yamanishi san!
I read you're last message and 0,65k is way to expensive for that kind of deal and I prefer to come over to your place to get it at 0.60k.
Some of my collegues are getting sake even cheaper so they declined politely...

I am a bit worry to see you gonig back by yourself.
I'll ask around to see if someone can join you in the coming 2 days...

It was a pleasure to have you in our caitale and I shan't miss the opportunity to contact you if new business would arise...

Warm reagrds,

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MessageSujet: Réponse de Yamanashi   Lun 29 Sep - 7:10

Respectful and fresh greeting to Zakekawa, Machi-Bugyo of fine Kiyosu,

I am well, and have done some nice fishing until recently when my ubune collapsed on me and left to study at your fine University.

In order to do business unlike the sister city of Sakai, I will have to travel two days and establish a house here. This is some large consequence and the question is of course safe transport. It will be 500 kobans to license a residence here and to make it worth while I may have to charge a tiny bit more than locally making it. To that end usually I offer sake for 0.60 kobans a bowl, but here would be 0.65 kobans a bowl. If I could get a contract for 10,000 bowls spread over time that would be most excellent. I hope for maybe over the span of 10 months bringing in a minimum of 1000 bowls at a time each month would be workable.

This would be easier if I had 1 or 2 extra people with me to help carry this much steadily. Or I could make 2 trips a month, and perhaps trade with your Doctor for selling cheap herbs I pick on the way.

Let me know if this can work for you on a long term basis. I know it is not necessary for one to have a residence in your Capital, but it would be much easier and it is nice to have.

Yamanishi, a humble hardworking sake maker
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MessageSujet: Re: Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,   

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Yamanishi , Buke no Jishin-Mushi style fighting,
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